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The economy of Burgas - PDF file about 2008 - 2017

  • The types of business by areas of activity are: 51% - trade 23% - services 13.5% production 8% - transport 4.5% - construction Burgas is an important industrial, commercial, transport and tourist center.

    Some of the productions are unique or defining for the country, such as dark and light oil products, chemical fibers, plastics and other chemical products; ventilation and treatment equipment, freight wagon building, fish processing industry, food industry and textile industry.

    4% of the companies and about 40% of the tangible fixed assets (FTA) of the developing companies in the country are concentrated on the territory of the Municipality.

    The indicator of investment activity for the Municipality of Burgas shows that the density of companies is 7% per capita, and one company has 280 thousand BGN. DMA. The Municipality of Burgas forms 5.18% of the net sales revenues for the country. Revenues from sales for the municipality per capita are BGN 20,000 more than the national average. These indicators rank the Municipality of Burgas in one of the leading positions in terms of investment activity.

  • The economy has a diverse character, which makes the municipality an economic leader and an important center for the development of the district within a radius of 150 km. Economically active persons in the field of business in the Municipality of Burgas are employed in the following activities - industry - 14.7%, services - 39.8%, transport - 9.3%, trade - 22.6%, construction - 9%, rural economy - 1.4% and others - 3.2%.

    The costs for the purchase of fixed assets of the companies operating on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas amount to BGN 4,118,554 thousand.

    Revenues from sales of companies for the country amount to BGN 206,379,411 thousand - BGN 28,074 per capita.

    Revenues from sales of companies for the Municipality of Burgas - BGN 10,694,931,000 - BGN 48,532 per capita.

    Foreign direct investment for 2015 are in the amount of BGN 550 million.

    Unemployment in the Municipality of Burgas for August is 5% lower than the national average.

  • The new jobs created in 2015 with 751 pcs.

    Factors such as location, infrastructure, quality of human resources and scientific potential are expected to increase in importance in the future. In particular, these growth factors are well represented in the region. Within the framework of the national economic complex Burgas Municipality will retain its leading position above the average levels for the country. This applies mainly to industry, transport, agriculture and trade.

    The future development of the industry is expected to grow into a new quality - high intellectual high-tech, conserving resources and ecological balance, they are a priority of the electronic electrical and mechanical engineering, light and food industries.