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ABOUT „Industrial Logistics Park – Burgas“ PLC 

Industrial and Logistics Park AD is a company with shareholders National Company Industrial Zones EAD and the Municipality of Burgas. Our main activity consists in construction, management and development of industrial zones of modern type. We have two separate territories within the city of Burgas in the Industrial Zone "North" (Phase 1), which has already been built and the Industrial Zone "South" (Phase 2).

Exhaustion of the capacity of our land in PZ "North" led to the contribution of 600,000 m2 of state land. They are located in the southern industrial zone of the city, near the Burgas shipyards and the road connection to the "Meden Rudnik" district. While the Northern Industrial Zone is more focused on small and medium-sized companies, the new South Zone offers opportunities for the development of larger enterprises. The industrial plots we offer are between 20,000 and 150,000 m2, while in the old area the properties were between 2,000 and 20,000 m2.

Our company provides the best possible conditions for any business, no matter if it is Bulgarian or for an external investor who has chosen to operate in the Burgas Industrial Park.

 In our case, the procedures, deadlines and costs for investors are significantly reduced. This process is due to the planning and development of the entire infrastructure in the whole area. Moreover, ILPB assists investors in dealing with construction and coordination procedures with other institutions, as well as utilities, legal issues and various consulting needs.


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