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ABOUT „Industrial Logistics Park – Burgas“ PLC 

Our main activity is the construction and management of industrial zones of modern type on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas. We have two separate territories within the city of Burgas - in the Industrial Zone "North" and the Industrial Zone "South".

With our activity we contribute to the stable economic development of Burgas and the region, by encouraging investments in various industries, improving the infrastructure in order to attract foreign and local investments. Our role is to create conditions for opening new productions and increasing investments. We strive for an approach based on sustainable economic development and the creation of a greener, working urban environment. We plan the long-term development of the region by building appropriate infrastructure, according to the approved urban plan and land status.



  • Favorable geostrategic position;
  • Developed transport infrastructure and Trans - European corridors;
  • Well-developed energy, electrical distribution and communication networks;
  • Well-developed health, education and social institutions;
  • Existence of skilled labor workforce - 2 universities and 4 colleges, where more than 12 000 students are trained annually;


In its geographical location the municipality occupies a significant place in the transport-communication system of the country. Through its the territory there passes important transport corridors in the east and west directions as well as connections to the northern and southern parts of Bulgaria. The town of Burgas is the last point of the only fully built highway in Bulgaria - Trakia highway (A1) - providing fast connection with the Capital. It is a distribution center for the whole southern Black Sea and provides access to the North by a first-class road, and the construction of the Black Sea highway, an alternative to the northern road routes, is due to take place.


  • Port of Burgas is part of  Trans-European transport corridor number 8 and starting point of TRACECA (transport corridor Europe - Caucasus - Asia), which defines it as the main connection between the continent of Europe and the Middle East. The capacity of the Burgas port makes it possible to handle ships with deadweight of up to 125,000 DWT.


  • Bourgas International Airport serves over 130 destinations in 58 countries, and provides conditions for servicing the heaviest cargo aircrafts. The freight handling center has a capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year and is maintained stockpiles for refueling with all types of aircraft fuel.


  • Available rail infrastructure providing direct access to national and international rail networks, direct cargo railway connection with the Port of Burgas.


  • Free Zone Burgas is the only one in Bulgaria located on the Black Sea coast. The distance to the Port of Burgas is only 5 km. It has indoor and outdoor areas and provides duty-free, VAT-free storage of goods from third countries.






Industrial areas with built-in technical infrastructure are an important tool for stimulating the economic development. In this regard, the actions of Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas PLC are aimed at significantly speeding up the activities for the construction of the zone, in order to increase the investor's interest in establishing productions with high added value. Through its activity, „Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas“ contributes to the stable economic development of the town of Burgas and the region by promoting investments in various sectors. Improving infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for large-scale attraction of foreign and local investment.                                     



  • Location of „Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas“ PLC

 „Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas“ PLC is a joint-stock company with shareholders the Municipality of Burgas and the National Company Industrial Zones. The main activity of the company consists in the construction, management and marketing of an industrial zone of a modern type. The total area of ​​industrial land is 240 decares, and the properties are of different size - from 3 to 30 decares. The park is strategically located next to a freight station and has a direct railway and road connection to Port of Burgas. This provides a number of opportunities for logistics companies. Important transport connections:

  • Port of Burgas - 4 km;
  • Highway Trakia - 4 km;
  • Burgas Airport - 9 km;
  • Freight station - 200 m;
  • Free Zone Burgas - 1km.

Under the current detailed development plan, light and manufacturing industries can develop activities.

The role of „Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas“ is to create the conditions for opening new productions and attracting investors. For this purpose, a new concept and service package is being developed. The company strives for a sustainable economic development approach and the creation of a greener, work urban environment.

The company plans a long-term development in the region of the land owned by it, by establishing an appropriate infrastructure according to the approved urban plan and the assigned status of the lands.




  • Advantages of investing in „Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas“ PLC

The park is strategically located to a freight station and has a direct railway to the Port of Burgas. This provides a number of opportunities for logistics companies.

The company uses its own funds to build up the internal infrastructure, the following are to be done:

  • Transport: roads (internal roads and transport connections – connections, providing intercity access);  typical road sections;  location of all existing and future underground and overground utility networks;  road alignment and road layout plans;


 Infrastructures and activities already built:

  • Design;  Preparatory studies;  Engineering:
  • Water supply: internal distribution;  external connections, storage and purification facilities, possible recycling;  transfer pipelines;  - Drainage system for rainwater: flood protection and internal drainage. Final catchment sources;
  • Collection of sewage and disposal: internal network; sewage treatment plant or other suitable final recipient. Possible recycling;
  • Telecommunications (internal, external), presence of optical high-speed internet;
  • Power supply (internal distribution and external connections), as well as three functioning transformer stations;
  • Gasification - built in.
  • Tender documentation.
  • The construction of an inner street between quarter 46 and quarter 44 began as well as the quarters 41 and 43 according to the plan of the North industrial zone, Burgas, together with the accompanying infrastructure. Expectations are the newly built streets to attract additional investors for the peripheral areas.


Priority continues to be a plot of 40 decars (divided into two properties of about 20 decars), the desire is there to be a positioning international enterprise. The terrain is suitable for the development of modern productions - at present there is a declared investor interest.

The infrastructure bringing to the industrial park itself was built by the Municipality of Burgas.

In the past year, key infrastructure projects have been implemented, both for Burgas and for the industrial zone itself - the construction of the road overpass „West“ over the freight station.  So the connection between the Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas and highway Trakia became a direct, which is an additional advantage for investors in the area.

At present, attractive terrains of varying size are provided with an infrastructure that includes local road lanes, water and sewerage communications, power supply, gasification, fire cranes, high-speed optical internet.


  • Investor interest in „Industrial and Logistic Park - Burgas“ PLC


  • In Industrial and Logistic Park Burgas, the first investors are already in operation, others started with the construction of their production bases, others are at the design stage.