For the investor

For the investor


Submit an investment intention

Potential investors enjoy a number of advantages, such as investment incentives and institutional support, the ability to concentrate interconnected activities in one place and overall efficiency, business activities with the concentration of financial, production and human resources, increased access to international channels for distribution, improved access to technology and the ability to create joint ventures (Joint Ventures), exchange of information, technology and experience, first-class location with transport links in the immediate vicinity, as well as well-developed infrastructure.

Another important advantage of the potential investors in the area is the completed administrative procedure for changing the purpose of the properties and their opportunity after the completion of the sale procedure to immediately proceed to the realization of their intentions. In addition, depending on the needs of the investor, we can merge or divide already existing regulated land properties.

We, with our own funds, build internal infrastructure, such as roads, transport links, road sections, existing and future underground and above-ground communication networks, road alignment and road layout plans.


In this regard, we offer our investors:

• Construction of investment projects;

• Complete design;

• Sale and rental of industrial space;

• Assistance in the issuance and movement of all necessary documents and permits in the implementation of the project;

• Intermediary activity related to the recruitment of appropriate and qualified staff;

• Legal services;

• Relationship with financial institutions;

• Access to European funding.